Digital marketing​

for healers and holistic practitioners.

Helping you to share your gifts, attract more clients

and gain recognition as an expert in your field.

Do you have a healing practice to offer? ... a magic or medicine to share?​ ... a gift that flows from your soul bringing light into the world?

I thought so.

Would you love to reach more people with that light? ... to share your gift more widely? ... to enter more fully into the flow of abundance?

Of course you would!


I'd love to help you.

I provide online marketing services aligned to holistic values and a vision of conscious evolution. I work with heart-centred healers, light-workers, therapists and visionaries, to clarify their offering, amplify their message and expand their reach.

My guiding belief is that by helping good things grow, I help the whole.

I specialise in content marketing, a digital marketing strategy which is about reaching out to audiences with beautifully crafted, genuinely enriching insights and inspiration that people will love and want to share.

It's a marketing approach which mirrors the gentler side of nature: in the same way that fruit trees and flowers offer delicious fruits, colours and scents to attract pollinators and to disperse their seeds, content marketing reaches out to potential clients with offerings of valuable free content, to inform and delight. It's about sharing the love rather than trying to sell anyone anything.

This naturally builds relationship and trust, organically increases your visibility and generates sustained interest in your offering from people who truly resonate with you.


Bookings and sign-ups then inevitably follow like summer follows spring.

I love to create luminous, uplifting content that supports healing and conscious evolution here on our beautiful earth.

The key elements of content marketing that I work with are:

  • your website and its static content

  • your site blog

  • social media posts

  • guest posts for popular blogs in your field

  • long-form articles for relevant journals online and in print

My job is to craft beautiful and search-friendly content for you across all of these channels.

By doing so I help you engage the wider audience that wants to hear about what you have to share.

Content marketing is not a quick fix. It's deep and expansive work. It goes right to the essence of your offering and then builds a coherent and highly personalised content strategy from there, based on your unique perspective combined with leading-edge insights and proven methods. Three months is normally the minimum period of time before significant results become evident. 

Depending upon where you currently are with your business and marketing, you may or may not need the whole service I offer.


But here's an outline of the full process that I use:

  1. Together we get very clear on the heart-essence of your offering.

  2. We explore the various ways which this essence can be best delivered and monetised.

  3. We thoroughly define your ideal client - known as an 'avatar'.

  4. With 1 -3 firmly in mind we identify your primary keywords, then I go away and research a deep root-system of secondary keywords to support these. This is a slightly esoteric process but extremely important.

  5. With 1-4 under our belt we then work together to brainstorm a coherent long-term content strategy. This produces a network of interwoven clusters of ideas for informative pages, posts and articles all relating to your core offering and your primary keywords and making good interconnected use of your secondary keywords.

  6. I perform a deep audit of your current website on the basis of all the above and either tweak its design and structure or completely overhaul it, as required.

  7. We then set about crafting some truly bad-ass illuminating content for your site, making it a rich resource to delight your avatar and their friends and to enchant the algorithms into sending many similar visitors your way.

  8. We then create a regular stream of beautiful and engaging posts for your site blog, full of valuable insights relating to what you do. Depending on how much of a writer you are/time you have, either you or I do the writing. Normally I do it, based on your insights and supplemented by my own knowledge and research. You always have final approval of what gets put out in your name.

  9. We then share share share these posts via your social media accounts.

  10. Continuing with 8 and 9, we now also create guest posts for popular blogs in your field, to expand your audience and build your reputation.

  11. We then share share share some more.

  12. Continuing with 8 - 11, we now also create long-form articles for relevant online and print journals, further expanding your audience and significantly enhancing your rep.

  13. You guessed it: we share share share some more!

  14. Time to review, refine, re-purpose and repeat.

You could of course do all this for yourself now I've told you the process. But why not hand it over to a dedicated marketing wizard and free yourself up to focus more on doing what you love and bringing through your unique gifts?

The world needs that magical light you have to share.

I charge a reasonable hourly rate for a minimum of three hours per week, with an initial commitment of three months.

To find out more or arrange a free consultation please get in touch via the form below, or email me here.


© Conscious Content 2019. Wishing you joy, abundance and soulful expansion.